Our Firm

De Rico Hurtubise & Associés Inc. has grown from a modest organization consisting of 2 certified appraisers in 1995 to a firm that today includes over 20 professionals, including 7 certified appraisers with extensive expertise in every aspect of appraisal.

Ouryoung and energetic team works closely with clients in such diverse fields as property appraisal for buyers and sellers, municipal assessment disputes, mortgage financing, expropriation, taxation, and consulting.

The unique abilities and versatility of our team members come from their long experience at reputed businesses and organizations in the appraisal field. Our know-how and quality service have earned De Rico Hurtubise & Associés a reputation as a leader in Quebec real estate.

Our clientele consists primarily of banks, insurance companies, large organizations, portfolio managers, and private investors in Canada and the U.S. actively involved in Quebec real estate.

De Rico Hurtubise & Associés is one of the fastest-growing certified appraiser firms in the greater Quebec City area, where competition is fierce. Our swift progression attests to our clients’ appreciation of our professionalism and integrity.

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