Mortgage Financing

As certified appraisers, our role is to appraise property used as collateral, estimate the value of the collateral, and provide advice to financial institutions.
Collateral appraisals are based on

  • Property location
  • Structural quality
  • Revenue security (tenant quality)



De Rico Hurtubise & Associés analyzes the potential of property being repossessed, taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • Whether the property is occupied or not and its rental potential
  • What its anticipated income and operating expenses would be
  • How long it would take to lease vacant premises
  • Supply and demand in the specific sector
  • Investments needed to improve the property
  • Recommendations for marketing the property

In estimating a property’s liquidation value, our firm studies buyer behavior more closely than seller behavior, in order to ensure that the best deal possible can be made.

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