Buying or Selling

The services of a certified appraiser are often needed to acquire or dispose of property. Our expert appraisal provides the parties with objective data for their negotiations.

De Rico Hurtubise & Associés often serves as a due diligence consultant to real estate investors acquiring property.

When signing a purchase offer, it is always wise to append a note specifying that the agreement is subject to production of an appraisal report and approval of its contents by the acquiring party. This additional stipulation provides ironclad protection for potential buyers, who will also find appraisal reports a boon in negotiations and a way to save substantial amounts of money.

Certified appraisers can also provide valuable advice when property is sold. An appraisal report can help the vendor set the selling price without input from a real estate agent. Many times, this allows the seller to dispose of the property quickly and efficiently at a price that reflects market conditions.

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